“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

'ALLEGORIES OF IDENTITY' is a collection influenced by historical paintings and sculpture in a convergence of classical, modern and contemporary imagery. Taking strong female figures in mythology as a starting point and considering contemporary fashion as a means of expression and identity, the compositions reflect and set the mood for the couture in the manner of a film set. The female subjects are a combination of statuary and world citizen, free of racially defining features. They simultaneously look to the present and past in referencing contemporary gender equality issues alongside the subjectivity of women in the canon of art history. The paintings include allegorical meanings and wider philosophies relating to politics, displacement (human and animal), species extinction, climate change and environmental issues; a recurring theme in the oeuvre.

The first painting in this collection is entitled ‘THE PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY OF CAPTIVITY IN THE MIND OF SOMEONE FREE', it features Andromeda 'Ruler of Men' breaking free from her chains and juxtaposed with the electrical symbol of resistance. Both the encapsulated shark and the title make reference to Damien Hirst’s work, but the play on the title is also co-opted to allude to the crisis of worldwide migration and conflict. All of the compositional elements are underwater suggesting a climate change apocalypse in a world of opposites represented by water and electricity. (Click on images for lightbox. See below for further individual image information).