"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Robert Swan OBE

‘HOLOCENE TWILIGHT’ is a collection of monochromatic paintings which develops the theme of, and contrasts with the colourful crystal mosaic collection entitled 'True Value'. Here, grisaille oil paintings represent fading memories and loss. Endangered species within urban settings become metaphors for both human and animal displacement. The works highlight the inconvenient truth that through apathy, financial and political vested interests, humanity and world leaders seem unwilling to face the huge consequences of the human impact on the rest of life on earth. Perhaps the ultimate incentive for positive change will be the effect on humankind, equally dependent on these fragile ecosystems and species for survival. The monochromatic images recall black and white tv, old photographs and memories of things long gone. A selection of the works reference Guernica, the most famous war painting in art history, thus representing a clarion call for war against poaching, climate change and habitat degradation, all of which have resulted in the loss of species at up to 1000 times the normal rate resulting in what is thought to be the Sixth Mass Extinction.

A reimagined version of Pietro Longhi’s ‘Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice’ is a starting point for this suite of paintings. In the second painting from the collection, the Lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of Venice, has turned on its axis to face away from the city in the same direction as the displaced lion viewed by stupefied onlookers. 'The Unknown' commissioned by British actress and activist Virginia McKenna and sold to British actress and activist Joanna Lumley, is an allegorical painting about socio-political power disparities. It focuses on the little five, as opposed to the usual 'Big Five' who are now concealed in the Rousseau inspired background. (Click on images for lightbox. See below for further individual image information).