(Vitreous glass, gold and silver leaf, safety glass, stained glass, fools gold and mirror mosaic. Incorporates information about ocean vents or 'black smokers'.) Exhibited at Opus Mosaic, Exeter, in conjunction with the International Year of Planet Earth 2008 designated by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO)



The materials used in this mosaic represent those found around the ocean vents, such as silver and gold, incorporating text to give factual information. Reflective stained glass and vitreous glass denotes the colours of the ocean and tube worms and opaque ceramic symbolizes the solid forms of the ‘Black Smokers’, or hydrothermal vents, which are found on volcanic mid-ocean ridges. 

Oceans cover the majority of our planet but so little is known about their depths. The life forms surviving in these most hostile of environments are thought by some to be the beginnings of life on earth. They may indeed be the ones who prevail in the light of our increasing damage to the planet.


Detail of life forms and minerals found around hydrothermal vents.



Interesting conversation with BBC broadcaster and Earth Scientist Dr. Iain Stewart during the exhibition of 'Black Smokers'. An extremely knowledgeable person!