A member of BAMM, The British Association for Modern Mosaics, Claire Milner has an extensive technical knowledge as a mosaic artist and this has formed the basis of her more recent work in crystals. After visiting Ravenna, Italy, a city famous for its early Byzantine and Christian monuments decorated with stunning mosaics, including the splendid Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, she enrolled in a mosaic workshop which was to welcome a new departure for her work. Mosaic is an ancient art which has a rich history dating back to the third century BC. From the Greeks, Romans and Byzantine mosaics, to the Art Nouveau movement, it is now enjoying a huge renaissance in the 21st Century. In the early nineties Milner studied under the eminent international mosaic artist Elaine M Goodwin. It was soon after completing her training that she began incorporating the ancient art of mosaic into her work. (Click on images for lightbox).